Stainless Non-Corrosive Carto Tank



Product Description

Stainless Non-Corrosive Carto Tank

e-Cigarette  Non-Corrosive  CVPyrex Carto Tank

     This Crazy Vapes CVPyrex (glass) non-corrosive  stainless steel (caps) 510 Standard or XL Tank is developed right here at Crazy Vapes

     It comes equipped with a #9 Stainless Steel Drip Tip, a Cartomizer with resisitance of your choice and a side port access port with plug for easy access to fill up your tank with your favorite e-liquid in seconds.

     It’s e liquid capacity for XL Size is 4.5ml dry ~5.5ml wet and for Standard Size is 3.5ml dry and 4.5 wet. Order with a Crazy Vapes Decal or without! One of Crazy Vapes Premium Stainless Non-Corrosive Standard or XL Tanks. You won’t be disappointed with this one.

Have a delightful “CRAZY VAPES”  experience!

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Low Resistance, Standard Resistance

Tank Size

Standard, XL

CV Decal

No, Yes


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