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Electronic Cigarette Tank



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eCig Glass Tank

Electronic Cigarette Glass Carto 510 Tank

Electronic Cigarette Tank  by www.crazyvapes.com – These Electronic Cigarette Glass (Pyrex) Tanks Kik’It  Model No. 3458SS Sku T34-581 & T34-582 (no side port access) are developed right here by Crazy Vapes. You will find it is a very nice and appealing glass tank. Holds enough eliquid for an average vapor for a few days without refilling ~ 3.5ml.  Stainless Steel Bonnet Caps e-cig 510 tank with glass (pyrex) sleeve – Non Corrosive – Fits Boge 510D Cartomizers (standard size). Includes a cartomizer resistance of your choice and a drip tip (drip tip style may vary) A “Tank Refilling Tool” (fill-a-ma-jig) for ease of dropping down the cartomizer for ease of refilling the tank with e-liquid is also included in this item. An Electronic Cigarette Glass (pyrex) Stainless Steel (non corrosive) 510 Crazy Vapes Premium Tank.

Note: You have to be very careful with this tank folks, it’s delicate, it’s thin wall pyrex ` but it’s awsome..

You will have a Crazy Vapes delightful vaping experience with this one!!


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Low Resistance, Standard Resistance

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