Electronic Cigarette 510 XL Stainless Steel Tank

Electronic Cigarette 510 Tank Stainless Kik’It XL



Product Description

Electronic Cigarette 510 Tank Stainless Kik’It XL

Electronic Cigarette 510 Carto Tank

     These Electronic Cigarette 510 Tank Stainless Kik’ It XL an electronic cigarette 510 carto tank with side port access with STAINLESS STEEL BONNET CAPS are developed right here by Crazy Vapes www.crazyvapes.com You will find it is a very nice and appealing user friendly tank. An e Cig 510 4.5 ml carto tank with side port. Fits Boge 510D XXL Cartomizers. 2.33mm pre punched (shown). This item includes a drip tip and a cartomizer. It has the convenient side outlet access for easy filling of e-liquid.

Cartomizer Specs: Boge 510D XXL pre punched 2.33mm

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Low Resistance, Standard Resistance

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