eCig Glass Pyrex Sleeve

eCig Glass Sleeve



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eCig Glass Sleeve

eCigarette Pyrex Glass Sleeve

eCig Glass Sleeves developed right here at This size sleeve is  the 1″OD x 11/16″ID (25mm*17mm*4mm) thick wall glass (pyrex) borosilicate with or without side port access hole, pick your preference. Will fit the standard and XL size cartos. Pick your size. You will need a thumbscrew plug or the new “Contour Plug” for the sleeve with the hole (side port access) if you don’t already have one for this unique Crazy Vapes 510 Glass Tank Sleeve. It can be ordered with or without side port access. Have a delightful “CRAZY VAPES” experience.

Specifications: (everything is approximate – it’s glass!) ~but very close..
OD        1″           25.50mm   1.0045 Decimal
ID          11/16 th”  17.45mm   0.6850 Decimal
Thickness   21/128th”   4.16mm   0.1640 Decimal
Part No: GST-25-174 (for grommets fits a standard carto)
Length: Maximum 1 1/4″   31.80mm   1.252 Decimal
Part No: GXL-25-174 (for grommets fits an xxl carto)
Length: Maximum 1 41/64″  41.60mm  1.6375 Decimal
Part No: CST-NP25-174 (for Crazy Vapes caps fits a standard carto)
Length: Maximum 1 9/64″  29.05mm  1.143 Decimal
Part No: CXL-NP25-174 (for Crazy Vapes caps fits an xxl carto)
Length: Maximum 1 63/128th  38mm  1.4960 Decimal
SGS = Standard Grommet Standard = fits Grommet Caps with O-Rings
SCS = Standard Cap Standard = fits Mushroom Caps & Hard Caps
SGS & SCS = Standard Size
SGX & SCX = XL Size

Shoot us an email at or give us a call if you need help to figure out which one you need..

Additional Information

Sleeve Length

Grommet Standard, Grommet XL, Standard, XL

Access Port

No, Yes

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