eCig Glass Carto Tank



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eCig Glass Carto Tank

Crazy Vapes eCig Glass Carto Tank Electronic Cigarette Pyrex 510 Tank

     Crazy Vapes SKU: CVP-SC1 & SC2 This Electronic Cigarette Glass Pyrex 510 Carto Tank is developed by www.crazyvapes.comIt comes equipped with a big vase drip tip, a cartomizer and a side outlet port access for ease of filling your e-liquid. Find the best electronic cigarette, starter kit, vape supplies and accessories @

Make sure to prime those cartomizers when you first get them brand new so they don’t burn up dry upon firing them up!

You may want to order a couple extra cartomizers for your tanks! Visit the accessories section.. Crazy Vapes always has best prices on Good Products! Were glad to be here.

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Low Resistance, Standard Resistance

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