Electronic Cigarette


Electronic Cigarette

www.crazyvapes.com offers a variety of the Best Electronic Cigarettes, best e Cig starter kits,  Cool eCig 510 Cartomizer (Carto) Glass Pyrex tanks, 510 e-Cig kik’it tanks and accessories! Yes.. Vapor and Electronic Cigarette products at  Affordable  competitive prices.  We have a good supply, and always try our best to be stocked in the latest fashionable products.  We are happy to be here! Thank You for being here! Have a look..


The Electronic Cigarette is a battery powered device that heats a liquid solution and creates an inhale-able vapor. The liquid is composed of Propylene Glycol (USP) and/or Vegetable Glycerin, food flavorings and optional amounts of nicotine. No Smoke whatsoever, no Tobacco at all and no combustion of any kind… Just Vapor . Therefore ELIMINATING second hand smoke, carcinogens and thousands of other harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes. The vapor dissipates within seconds leaving no smell or residue behind. Breath better, smell better and quit spending all that money on cigarettes.
Crazy Vapes StampWant a bang for your buck?  Try one of our Custom Electronic Cigarette Battery choices (module) eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage and Vision CE6 Clearomizer STARTER KITS.  They’re perfect for any Electronic Cigarette newcomer hopping on the vapor wagon.  These Electronic Cigarette kits are designed by Crazy Vapes; comes with the authentic Joyetech eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage e Cig battery, a 510 charger and wall plug adaptor, two Vision CE6 rebuild-able head clearomizers, and zipper case. You may also want to try one of the custom Crazy Vapes Kik’It tanks or one of the really cool 510 pyrex glass cartomizer tanks with one of the starter kits also!!

So obviously everyone knows that smoking is outdated, disgusting, ridiculous, filthy, horrible and expensive how cigarettes are.  People are starting to catch on to the fact that blowing vapor is A LOT cheaper.  Not convinced? I’ll prove it.  Allow me to break it down for you in a Cost Breakdown Analysis.

Save with e Cigs Today


Suppose you smoke a pack a day at around $7 dollars a pack (Believe it or not, cigarettes in New York State average $11, and up to $14 a pack in Manhattan).  7 dollars a day multiplied by 30 days for a month equals $210… So roughly $200 dollars per month for a pack – a – day smoker. $100 per month for a half-pack a day smoker equals $1200 – $2400 a year for Tobacco


Let’s say you first buy a nice Ego battery for $33, a pyrex glass cartomizer Grommet tank (exclusively invented by www.crazyvapes.com ) for $30, four 10 ml sizes of High Caliber e-liquid bottles for $21, a pack of replaceable cartomizers for $10, a USB charger for $5, and a cone for $4. Totaling an initial purchase of $103 dollars for starting up with vapor products right off the bat. Now, Keep in mind that this initial purchase purchase of the basic e Cig hardware will last you 9 months to a YEAR before needing to purchase a new e Cig battery. The only thing to maintain on a monthly basis are to purchase  a few new cartomizers (or atomizers) and e liquid.  All of the previously mentioned perishable supplies at the stated prices and amounts (Cartomizers and E Liquid) should certainly last at least one month.  You’ll need to replace your cartomizer approximately every 3-8 days or sometimes they last longer.)

Women Smoking E-CigBREAKDOWN

Initial purchase was $103. Let’s look at the remaining 9 month to year maintenance in this Breakdown .  With new Cartomizers and E Liquid each month, you might spend an extra $30, roughly, each additional month after that first starter month. That roughly equals $433 per YEAR!   Or a pack of cigarettes a day for around $7.00, which equals $210.00 a month and $2520.00 a YEAR!  What a relief to your wallet..

Even if you are spending more then this on an enjoyable, guilt free vaping experience, or buy more than one Electronic Cigarette or several Vapor products, or plenty of other flavor e liquid, you only pay abound 17% of the amount you would have spent on miserable tobacco! That, my friends, is a MAMMOTH difference.

May you have a delightful “CRAZY VAPES” experience!

-Geno Spaghetti




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