The health differences between vapor vs cigarette smoking are officially unknown, according to vapor and tobacco research. It’s technically unproven that e-cigarettes are a safer delivery device for nicotine. However, we are absolutely certain of the harm deriving from the inhalation of burned smoke, especially in cigarettes, and even more so with modern tobacco of today’s time.


If you are smoking a cigarette at this very moment, it’s deadlier than one smoked thirty years prior. If you smoked a cigarette thirty years ago, that one was deadlier than a cigarette thirty years before that, and so on down the chronological timescale. Of course, any form of smoke will essentially contain naturally occurring carcinogens like hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and benzene (to name a few.) Yet, conglomerate tobacco companies have incrementally added copious chemical compounds, thus compounding the worsening mix. Actually, Today’s tobacco is genetically modified to a degree that was hardly in comparison years ago. Modern tobacco is genetically modified by the tobacco companies in efforts to stave off certain insects feeding on the leaves; an engineered, ingrained insecticidal crop.


Tobacco has always been harmful to one’s health (Especially when smoking.) With the potency increasing additional tobacco additives and engineering processes over the several decades, such as ammonia chemistry, acetone infusion and even sugaring methods, tobacco cigarette harm has been more of a recent concern than ever. Newer carcinogenic forms are taking place with the discovery of adenocarcinomas and squamous cell carcinomas; newer strains of cancer from newer tobacco. Meanwhile, a new passageway into freedom emerges, and people are entering at rising rates.


The passageway I attempted to metaphorically convey is, of course, the adoption of vapor VS cigarette smoking. Is E-liquid safer? Vapor consumers are presently aware that e liquid is unproven to be safe, or safer than an analog cigarette. As I presently am in subjective disagreement with any argument disfavoring e-liquid, vapor or any e cigarette  product, I will present the proceeding content as impartially as I may.


Factually, tobacco contains a slew of slovenly chemicals known to hinder health (Approximately 4000 + when burned and inhaled.) E-liquid from reliable manufacturers might contain about twenty, and every one of these chemicals are unproven to be as harmful as even a sole one of modern tobacco’s 4000+. Some e-liquid may contain diethylene glycol, a chemical thought to be unsafe in its relation to antifreeze. For this matter, e liquid should not contain “diethylene glycol.” It should contain “Propylene glycol” and “Vegetable Glycerin” and flavoring. Even a squalid e-liquid is unproven to be harmful. Don’t want Diethylene glycol or anything overly synthetic? Well, don’t buy foreign e-liquid. And don’t buy e-liquid from the same guy selling you crack. And don’t buy crack!


In all sincerity, there are plenty of e liquid and e-cigarette vendors in the U.S. and Canada selling all natural and organic 100% Vegetable Glycerin e-liquid. If anyone is concerned with only a handful of potentially bad ingredients from an array of e liquid vendors to choose from, then discerningly decide your selection with insight. You may want to investigate e-liquid vendors before making a purchase. Check out their rapport within the vapor community. Scope out their website; look at blog reviews. Perhaps even email them inquiring whether their ingredients do or do not contain this or that. What does your instinct instill?


Factoring these options, ideas and considerations hopefully ought relieve your worries, or perhaps even encourage enough awareness to take action and quit smoking and join the vapor community. With the game of vapor and smoke at play, more and more players are lining up. It’s our move. GAME ON!

Have a delightful “Crazy Vapes” experience!
-Rob Close

We at, are a highly passionate company, as evidenced in the content of our Crazy Vapes blogs. Although we oft-times righteously relay our ideas through vigorous conviction, this blog is more objectively concrete.

Aug 1st, 2014



FDA Regulations of e Cigarettes

FDA Regulations of e Cigarettes

FDA regulatory authority in e cigarette industries

Crazy Vapes

Recent news articles nationwide have revealed impending FDA proposals for regulating the electronic cigarette industry. With citizens made aware via press, future FDA regulatory authority in e cigarette industries became common knowledge in the U.S. Springtime this year, descriptions of FDA involvement with e cigarette enterprises made their way to the top of the public information pyramid: The New York Times.

Upon reading the title, my initial reaction was rather contemptuous, searing my soul with the heat of sheer disappointment. I felt ill at ease, outraged and infuriated. I then, however, actually read the entire article. My residual opinions were held in absolute irony; I found solace in my discoveries. Allow me to duly convey, yet dually relay the aspects to both sides of this heavily weighted, immensely inflated coin.

On first thought, any e cigarette entrepreneur may likely shun light shone on seemingly dismal prognoses concerning the FDA. Why would any eCigarette company owner want an agency meddling in the affairs of their business? No one in their right mind would for many reasons: Companies must register and post e liquid ingredients, FDA standards of e liquid ingredients would be at the mercy of the agency, and eCigarette owners would have to willfully subject their laboratories to FDA inspections.

Future FDA regulations of e Cigarettes would easily and righteously bring about an angered reaction. There are several core issues at hand: potential profit loss, possible time loss, or perhaps the lack of initial funding to maintain these endeavors. Considering these potential facts, starting a new e-cig venture next year (When the FDA regulations are projected to commence) will be entirely more costly than in the present. There are, however, other reliefs.

The FDA outlined plan neither stated nor implied any regulatory impedance on the sale of flavored e liquid. Furthermore, there are neither any current, nor impending federal taxes proclaimed (although, history would suggest otherwise when concerning FDA influence, inevitably speaking of course). Yet, taxation is not the current crutch, nor will it be any time soon. My advice: make hay while the sun shines. There are temporal, golden windows of opportunity at the moment.

Factors of future FDA influence needn’t inflict much worry on our well being in modern times. I’m not implying to sit around, doing nothing of the sort for preparation. I’m simply suggesting a mentality of gratitude for the current moment. Besides, happiness cannot exist in a mindset of ingratitude. Rather than dwell over what isn’t, or may not be working, perhaps embracing the present opportunities will alleviate any undue hardship. Find the benefits.

If you are in current ownership, management or employment in the vapor industry, financially sustaining a way of life, then this way of life should be considerately, and thoughtfully embraced. Some may choose to label me naïve; I would suggest a different choice of wording. I consider my approach to FDA regulations realistically optimistic, and advantageously proactive.. with what is now, and what will not happen then. As previously stated, flavor in e liquid will remain and we haven’t yet been burdened by any intrusion of undesired tax. It really isn’t all so completely awful. When the FDA regulations take effect, then obstacles may arise. Yet, obstacles were designed to be overcome.

I sit here writing at this very moment for in my office with much appreciation. I’m sure the FDA has an end game in mind, but it will not affect my day. With a tank full of flavored e liquid atop an Ovale C-Twist, I grin largely with the offerings of life. As a lush cloud of vapor is exhaled directly at my laptop screen, the grin widens with a ludicrous craze.

Have a delightful “Crazy Vapes” Experience!

Rob Close
July 13th, 2014


How To Refill A Carto Tank

How To Refill A Carto Tank

Carto Tank Refilling Tutorial

Vapor Glass Tank

Greetings vapor enthusiasts!  The following demonstration is an instructional, Carto Tank refilling tutorial right here at .  This blog at descriptively explains how to refill a carto tank.  When the e-liquid in your carto tank reaches, or surpasses below the cartomizer’s punched hole, then it is time to refill the tank with more e-liquid.  If the punched hole on the side of the cartomizer fails to stay saturated with e-liquid, you run the risk of vaping a dry hit, or burning the coil within the carto.  Once a dry hit or burn takes place, your cartomizer is usually rendered useless.  The process of refilling may be new or seem tricky to many consumers, so allow me to explain the ideal method of refilling the Carto Tank.

Initially, you should utilize your trusty Carto Tank Refilling Tool.  Secure the tool atop the cartomizer as if it were a Drip Tip (I prefer to have my e-cig attached for extra support).  Then, while firmly holding the lower and upper Caps or Grommets securely in a grip, slowly slide the Carto Tank Refilling Tool downward, pushing the Carto away from, and underneath the upper Cap or Grommet (Ideally both Grommets or Caps should remain secure to the Tank all-the-while.)  Once the Cartomizer is freed from the upper Cap or Grommet, remove the Carto Tank Refilling Tool from the Cartomizer, and remove the top Cap or Grommet (if the Grommet or Cap is difficult to remove with bare hands, use the skinny end of the Carto Tank Refilling Tool.  Slide the tip of the tool into the center of the Grommet or Cap to pry it off of the Tank.) At this point, the top of the Carto should be level with the tank’s upper rim (essentially, as it was prior to this process.)

Next, simply squeeze e-liquid in the empty space between the metal Carto and inner tank… NOT inside the Carto or Filler.   Refill e-liquid about 3 quarters full, allowing enough space for the Grommet or Cap to fit. Now, reattach the Carto Tank Refilling Tool on the Cartomizer again, and slide the Grommet or Cap through the tool.  Then, while securing the bottom Cap or Grommet in place with your hands, assuring it won’t slide out; re-apply the upper Cap or Grommet to the top end of the tank. Colorful Grommet Glass Tank

An important side-note: while engaging in the refill process, periodically check for over-saturation of e-liquid within the Cartomizer Filler, or Leakage to the bottom of the tank.  This may happen, but it’s not a big deal.  Fix the problem by using an empty needle-nose e-liquid bottle to suck the excess e-liquid from the necessary spots.  For a final touch, twist a tissue-end to a long, fine point and slide into the Vent-Chamber at the bottom of the Carto Tank.  Repeat this process as needed.

At this point, both Grommets or Caps should be mostly secured to the Tank.  Make a few final adjustments by flushing the top-end of the Carto with the top-end of the Cap or Grommet; make sure the two parts atop are aligned by gently pushing around the circumference.  The bottom side, punched hole of the cartomizer should be no more than one or two millimeters above the lower rim of the bottom Grommet or cap.

The final step requires to double check for leaking or over-saturation; clean and mop up excess e-liquid as necessary.  From this point on, your tank will be air tight until you remove the Caps or Grommets… or misalign anything by mistake (which is difficult to do).

How to refill a carto tank

Further Information on How to Refill a Carto Tank.

For other instructional tutorials and educational demonstrations, visit our YouTube Channel, or visit the Blog Link at

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How to Prime a Cartomizer. Crazy Vapes Instructions.

Priming The Cartomizer

How to Prime the Cartomizer


Before implementing a Cartomizer to any Carto Tank, you must know how to prime a Cartomizer.  Allow me to demonstrate Carto Priming.

First, open your new Cartomizer and remove the silicone protector.  Then, gently drip a few drops of e-liquid right into the filler (the white cotton-like material inside the Carto).  Once a thin layer of e-liquid has saturated the top of the filler, place your lips atop the Cartomizer and blow through it, briefly.

Repeat this process of e-liquid saturation (usually about 7 rounds) until you notice e-liquid dripping out of the Punched Hole on the side of the Carto (E liquid will drip, at first through the bottom vent hole next to the thread, you need it to drip out of the punched side hole).  Next step is to clear out the vent chamber of excess e-liquid by blowing through the top again with your breath.  You may even want to dab up the excess e-liquid with a tissue.)  Once the e-liquid drips through the punched hole, the Cartomizer is now primed and ready to use with a tank.  Simply apply to the Carto Tank, fill the Tank and Vape away.

How to Prime a Cartomizer

Further info on How to Prime a Cartomizer

For other instructional or educational Blogs for everything you need to know about Vaping, visit the Blog site at Crazy Vapes Logo Stamp

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Grommet Caps & Mushroom Caps: Crazy Vapes New Products

New Products: Grommet Caps & Mushroom Caps

It’s been Crazy here at Crazy Vapes, as we are now launching TWO NEW PRODUCTS -Accessories to the Vaping World. Introducing the genesis of TWO brand new inventions: The Crazy Vapes Grommet Caps, and the Crazy Vapes Mushroom Caps!

Crazy Vapes Grommet Caps

Grommet CapsThe Crazy Vapes Grommet Caps intertwines the concept of two products in one: A Carto Tank Cap and a conventional Grommet.  The Crazy Vapes Grommet Caps are purely constructed from food grade silicone and contains no metal parts.  O-rings slide snugly into the grooves as with a Grommet for optimal sealing, so it functions as a traditional grommet.  However, there is one MAJOR difference… This Grommet has a silicone CAP! The best part is that the cap AND the Grommet are all encompassed into one solid piece, and any Tank would profusely cry with E-Liquid if it lacked one of these Accessories.  Click here to view the Grommet Caps, or look for it under NEW ACCESSORIES at the home page.

Crazy Vapes Mushroom Caps

If you were impressed with our revolutionary Grommet Caps, your head will burst into vapor with this one: Introducing our very own exclusive Crazy Vapes Mushroom Caps.  Similar to the Grommet Caps, The Crazy Vapes Mushroom Caps adhere to the principles of the Grommet Caps.  The Mushroom Caps, However, requires no O-rings and no grooves.  It’s essentially a plug, similar to a “Step Bushing” and/or Bonnet Cap.  So it is one solid piece, and ensures for remarkable carto replacing as well as refilling e liquid. This Tank Accessory is ideal for a Carto Tank as you simply plug the Cap on both Tank ends with effortless ease.  The Mushroom cap is absolutely the most user friendly, convenient and reliable Tank Cap on the entire E Cig market.

Why is a Mushroom Cap or Grommet Cap Better?Colorful Grommet Glass Tank

So you may already own an E-Cig Carto Tank with the machined old Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Acrylic  Caps, or perhaps an old fashioned Grommet. You may be wondering, “Why is a Mushroom Cap or Grommet Cap Better?  Why use one?  For starters, there never used to be a Cap that was both a Grommet AND a Cap in one piece for a Carto Tank. The Crazy Vapes Grommet Cap or Mushroom Cap will not just easily attach and reattach, they will not slide down the middle of the Carto Tank… because it IS A CAP.

Grommets allow for easier carto insertion, yet they risk falling down into the tank.  Also, prevention of leakage remains a challenge with normal grommets during the refill or Carto Replacement process. Carto Tank Caps (aluminum) (metal) (acrylic) are more secured in place, yet the insertion of a carto is more difficult and firm.  Both the Crazy Vapes Mushroom Cap and the Crazy Vapes Grommet Cap valiantly resolve this dilemma; it’s the best of both worlds.  The functionality is astonishingly superb, and the ease-of-use is phenomenal.

So whenever you want to cease the hassle of changing old-fashioned Grommets and Carto Tank Caps, add a Crazy Vapes Mushroom Cap or a Crazy Vapes Grommet Cap to your cart.

Crazy Vapes EXCLUSIVE!

eCigarette Grommet Cap Now you’ve realized the benefits to using our Crazy Vapes Grommet Cap and Mushroom Cap for your E-Cig Carto Tank, we’d like you to know that these accessories are a Crazy Vapes EXCLUSIVE; Invented by Crazy Vapes, Inventor, Michael Mayor himself.  Both of these Accessories were innovated right here at as original inventions. Both filed and carrying Utility / Mechanical and Designs Patents. Fully licensing and protecting the application, functionality and the designs of the products.

In light of this fact, we at Crazy Vapes would like to share our excitement.  Crazy Vapes is allowing customers (that’s you) to mix or match any color of O-ring to any color grommet, or two of any color Mushroom Cap for each end of your Carto Tank… NO ADDITIONAL COST!

You may think were totally nuts.  Well, were not… Were just Crazy!

Get Crazy, Get Crazy Vapes!

Have a “Delightful Crazy Vapes Experience”.

-Rob Close
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e Cigarette Ban: Electronic Cigarette Laws and what you should know.

e Cigarette Ban

electronic cigarette laws

e Cigarette BanThe electronic cigarette seems to be in a state of emerging threat.  Several cities and states already have an e cigarette ban for indoor use, and electronic cigarette laws are currently instituted not only on a national level, but globally as well.  E cigarette use in many European airports require vaping in the designated smoking sections with tobacco smokers.  The Utah Indoor Clean Air Act prohibits electronic cigarette use anywhere indoors, and other cities in the state are pushing to ban e cigarette use anywhere that tobacco is prohibited currently, such as parks and various public outdoor areas. On a political perspective, electronic cigarette laws are moving the e cigarette into similar categories as a tobacco product.  The global efforts in a political e cigarette ban have currently affected the comfort and quite possibly the health of every vaper on the planet, only contributing to Big Tobacco.

Heil Bloomberg! e Cigarette Ban Proposal

Recent leaks of Manhattan Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s e cigarette ban were found under his latest proposals in efforts to regulate tobacco sales in NYC.  The proposed bill reveals an insidiously ludicrous political move that may potentially paralyze the e cigarette trade entirely in New York. This mayor of mayhem is not only trying to categorize e cigarette products to be regulated exactly as tobacco products, he also proposes to completely ban the domestic retail sale of all flavored e liquid!  So no flavors.. Just plain, bland regular nicotine E liquid.  The electronic cigarette without any flavors would hardly have any further appeal, and vaping in New York could plummet. Flavored e liquid restrictions for electronic cigarette use is rumored to be based on its appeal to kids (which is no more appealing to kids than a regular cigarette). Hey, how about my proposal: let’s put a federal ban on all fruit flavored vodkas and wine coolers! Apple and strawberry beer? Why not?  It’s basically the same as the e cigarette law proposals. Politicians of this nature neutering the very essence of Americanism are threatening free choice in this great nation.  By imposing electronic cigarette laws, it appears this geezer has lost his vision as an anti-tobacco advocate.  The land of the free?  Doesn’t seem like it the Big Apple… Heil Bloomberg!

e Cigarette Ban: Big Tobacco Infiltration

While tobacco currently remains the globes largest mass murderer, major tobacco conglomerates are a major player federal and state income tax revenues.  In terms of economical sustenance and financial preservation in this nation, electronic cigarette usage may pose a threat, considering e cigarette and e liquid vapor products are currently untaxed.  Given the exponential rise of the e cigarette trade, more and more people are converting to vapor and the electronic cigarette, while leaving tobacco in the smoke.

As of late, big tobacco may view e cigarette consumption a threat to profits, and politicians may deem e cigarette markets as a leech feeding on the leaves of tobacco’s taxes, therefore creating a null. I personally see a a grander scheme unfolding; It is the big tobacco infiltration to the e cigarette trade. Tobacco companies have already made their initial investments with the electronic cigarette industry. Lorillard, the 3rd largest tobacco conglomerate on in the world bought Blu e cigs for $135 million.  Other companies have already developed their own e cigarette brands such as Vuse: from RJ Reynolds, and MarkTen from Philip Morris.  Big tobacco fully intents to take over the e cigarette industry, if not collectively monopolize the market.  Once e cigarette sales are within the marginal majority of the tobacco conglomerates, then fed taxes may be applied as liberally as tobacco. But until then, the political parties that are seemingly against the e cigarette (at least for now) will attempt to curb, inhibit and regulate every aspect of the e cigarette trade.

Some advice I have to prevent this plausible detriment is for the electronic cigarette retailers to not “sell out” to big tobacco.  We at believe that greed can destroy the e cigarette cause.  Using an electronic cigarette currently costs as low as 8 percent the cost of tobacco if not lower.  One small business to sell out to evil tobacco is equivalent to one small rise in that previously stated percentage. Also, Fight the cause! Support local small free enterprise.  Sign up to the e cigarette forum and make your voice heard!  And support Crazy Vapes! Remember to visit our website at for the finest glass tanks on the planet.

Vape proudly, and have a delightful “CRAZY VAPES” experience!

-Geno Spaghetti

e cig glossary: Electronic Cigarette Terms and Definitions

E Cig Glossary of Terms

Vape Terms

e cig Terms and DefinitionsWelcome to Crazy Vapes! Here in this blog is an extensive E Cig Glossay full of acronyms, terms and definitions.  For anyone needing any information regarding E Cigs, E Liquids and Vaping. Look no further. Below is a full list of in-depth knowledge of virtually any E Cig and Vape term.  Don’t understand a term within a term? Well everything is in alphabetical order, so simply scroll down to read the definition. Have at it!

AFS – Automatic Feed System

Alcohol – An Ingredient found in E Liquid. Technically it helps make up the Base Liquid before it becomes a full E Liquid. Alcohol helps to provide Throat Hit upon Vaping

Amps – Amps = Voltage divided Resistance

Analogue – A Vape term for a tobacco cigarette. NOT an E Cig

APV – An Acronym for Advanced Personal Vaporizer. An APV is basically an E Cig with extra features within the device such as Variable Voltage or LED screens, etc.. Generally all Mods are  APVs, while a Stick-Style E Cig is not an APV. An eGo style E Cig may or may not be APV, depending. Every APV is an E Cig, yet not every E Cig is an APV

Atty – Abbreviation for an Atomizer. Atomizers are Similar to Cartomizers, only Atomizers are not for Tanks.. They are standalone with a Mouth Piece

Auto – Short for Automatic. To Pull Vapor from an automatic style E Cig, one simply takes a Drag from the E Cig butt-end without ever pressing a button. These are usually an E Cig resembling an analogue. Some Automatic E Cigs require buying separate Cartridges (Disposable or Refillable), while other auto E Cigs are disposable. The Cartridge of an automatic E Cig usually resembles a real cigarette butt

Base Liquid – This is the E Liquid’s active mix to create Vapor and activate Throat Hit with flavor. Primarily, an E Liquid is not an E liquid until the flavor and Nic is added to the Base Liquid. Base Liquids consist of mainly Propylene Glycol, Alcohol and Vegetable Glycerine; usually mixed in a ratio

Batt – Abbreviation for Battery. The Battery (or batteries) in a Mod will differ than an eGo or Mini E Cig. While Mod batts are usually separately recharged, an eGo E Cig or smaller Stick-Style E Cigs ARE the battery (as well as the circuitry), and the whole device itself is recharged without removable batteries

Blank – A dry Cartridge before it is filled with E Liquid. Generally a dry Cartridge-style Atomizer / Mouthpiece in one, usually screwing onto the thread of the E Cig

Box Mod – A rectangular prism or cube shaped Mod style E Cig. Most are Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage. A Box Mod is considered an APV type of E Cig

Bridge – The roundish absorbent found within certain Cartomizers or Atomizers that rests on top of the Coil. Bridges are used to aid in heating the Coil to atomize E Liquid

BT – Acronym for “Big Tobacco” corporations

Cart – Abbreviation for Cartridge. A Cartridge is a Mouth Piece and Atomizer in one whole unit, designed to attach to an E Cig. With Cartridges for eGO E Cigs or an APV E Cig, the Mouth Piece will typically remove from the Atomizer component for refilling with E Liquid. Cartridges for Disposable E Cigs will remain un-attachable with pre-filled E Liquid. Removable Carts for a Stick-Style E Cig requires E Liquid filling with a bottle of E Liquid, or the E Liquid comes pre-filled in Disposable Cartridges (Usually sold in packs)

Carto – Abbreviation for Cartomizer. Cartomizers differ from atomizers in that they are used for E Cig Tanks for heating E Liquid with a similar Coil

Carto Tank – Any E Cig Tank to fill with E Liquid for Vaping, designed to use a Cartomizer in the center of the E Cig Tank

CASAA – Acronym for “Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives.” They are a non-profit group of campaigners and lobbyists fighting to preserve the legal status of E Liquid, E Cigs and Vaping

CE-6 – A type of Clearomizer with Wicks designed to bring E Liquid to to the top of the Coil when Vaping

CGR18650CH – A type of recharcgeable Mod or E Cig Battery

Clearo – Abbreviation for Clearomizer. Clearomizers are transparent, using primarily wicks for delivering E Liquid to the coil. Transparency is designed to gauge E Liquid Level. Some Clearos contain mm markings to indicate how much E liquid is left. Clearos are usually a 306 thread for eGO E Cigs

Coil – The heating element for atomizing E Liquid. Generally made of Nichrome or Kanthal, the coil is either wrapped around a filler (the cotton-like material) or attached to wicks soaked in E Liquid

Crazy Vapes – exclusive website for E Cigs, E Liquid, Glass Tanks and various E Cig products

Cutting – The process of adding nicotine to a base E Liquid for dilution

Cut-Off – The automatic feature in an E Cig or APV that, after an internal set time length determined by the circuitry, will cease atomizing e liquid during a Pull, ending Vapor production on the E Cig. This is a default safe-guard in most E Cigs and APVs, preventing the coil from exhaustion

DC – An acronym for Dual Coil

DCC – An Acronym for Dual Coil Cartomizer

DCT – An acronym for Dual Coil Tank

De-Wick – To physically remove the wick from an Atomizer or Head

De-Bridge – To Physically remove the bridge from an atomizer, generally done for the sake of Direct Dripping of E Liquid onto an Atomizer

Dipping – When the Atomizer, Head or Cartomizer is immersed into E Liquid

Disposable E Cig – A one-time-use E Cig. E Cig comes with no charger; must “dispose” of E Cig

Direct Dripping – To drip one or two drops of E Liquid at a time onto the Atomizer Coil. Primarily for sampling E Liquid

DIY – Acronym for Do It Yourself

DNA – The mother board for variable Wattage E Cigs and Mods

DOA – Acronym for Dead On Arrival. After purchasing an Atty, Carto or Head from an E Cig retailer, after filling with E Liquid and Attaching to the E Cig; the Coil is already non-functional

Doubler – An E Liquid with zero % Nic and double flavor. This E liquid is meant for mixing

Drip Shield – A tube device on an E Cig Tank for catching E liquid

Drip Tip – Essentially… a Mouthpiece attached to an E Cig Tank or E Cig Clearo. Sometimes prevents E Liquid from leakage

Drip Well – Another type of shield to catch E Liquid when Leaking. Primarily for E Cig Tanks

Dry Burn – When using an Atty or Carto while attached to the E Cig, only with no E Liquid; Damages the Atty or Carto

ECA – Acronym for Electronic Cigarette Association. A group of E Cig advocates to keep E Cigs and E Liquid in legal status. As of 2010, it became TVECA

ECF – Acronym for Electronic Cigarette Forum. A Blogging website for E Cig, E Liquid and Vapor enthusiasts

E Cig – Abbreviation for Electronic Cigarette. All Mods (perhaps with exception to Mechanical), APVs and Disposables are technically E Cigs

E Cigar – An E Cig resembling a real cigar

eGo – An E Cig usually of an internal, non-replaceable 650 -1100 mAH battery. This E Cig lasts several months before needing replace entire E Cig

E Juice – Another term for E Liquid

E-Fag – Abbreviation for Electro-Fag. The British slang for E Cig

E Liquid – E Liquid is the total concoction of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, Alcohol, Flavoring and Nicotine

E Pipe – A pipe-looking style E Cig

Filler – Material designed to soak E Liquid onto coil for an Atty or carto

Flooding – When over abundance of E Liquid is consuming the Atty or Carto. E Liquid can often leak out the bottom, and causes poor E Cig usage

Fluval – Another type of filler that DIY’ers replace attys with, possibly for better E Liquid and Vapor

FV – Acronym for Fixed Voltage. Most Mini and Stick-Style E Cigs are FV. Even eGo E Cigs are FV, But an APV E Cig is usually not, although some Mods are FV

Gen – Abbreviation for Genesis – a certain rebuildable atomizer using stainless steel oxidized wicks as rather than glass fiber Wicks; Possibly for better E Liquid absorption

Glass Tank – A Crazy Vapes Favorite. Order Custom Pyrex Glass E Cig Tanks from today!

Glycerine BP – A British term for Glycerine British Pharmacopoeia. This is an E Liquid Base Liquid for many E Cig Cartridges; Primarily for Disposable E Cigs

Gooseneck – An uncommon elongated flexible extension Drip Tip for E Cig Tanks

GRAS – Acronym for Generally Recognized As Safe. FDA regards PG and VG in E Liquid as GRAS

Head – A term for Wick-Style Coils. The Head holds the Wicks, which absorbs E Liquid

HR – Acronym for High Resistance. HR Cartos and Attys are mainly known as High Voltage Cartos and attys. E Cigs vaping at higher voltage should use an HV carto. Visit this link for more info _____

HV – Acronym for High Voltage. A High Voltage E Cig is generally 5.0V -7.4V Refer to this link for more info_______

ICR – Acronym for Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable. Elements in rechargeable Batteries for E Cig Mods

IMR – Acronym for Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable. Elements in rechargeable Batteries for E Cig Mods

Juice – Another term for E Liquid

Kanthal – One of two kinds of Resistance Wire.  The other is Nichrome

Kick – Another term for Throat Hit

Kick – A Device for an E Cig that regulates the heat of the E Liquid Vapor

Knuckle Head – For Carto E Cig Tanks, This is a fat round Drip Tip

KR-808 – An analogue looking style E Cig

LED – Acronym for Light Emitting Diode. Many APV E Cigs, especially Mods, have an LED display.

Liquid – Essentially E Liquid

LR – Acronym for Low Resistance. An E Cig Carto or Atty Coil with LR is generally 1.5 ohm to 2.4 Ohms. See Link_____

M401, M402, M403 – Mini style E Cig resembling an analogue

Manual – An E Cig with a button activating the device

mAh – Acronym for Milliamp Hour. Ego E Cig Batteries eg: 1100 mAh

Mechanical Mod – A Mod without circuitry or wires, allowing any input of current to flow through the Non-Electronic device.  Perhaps even NOT an E Cig by definition

Memory Effect – A Common Problem with Nickel-Cadmium Batteries.  A Result due to charging without proper draining prior to, will confuse the Mod or E Cig into thinking the Battery has more or less life than it has

Mesh – a metal covering of the Atomizer Bridge. Usually stainless steel

Mini – A Small E Cig. Generally these E Cigs are disposable or smaller than Stick-style E Cigs

Mod – An APV or E Cig requiring replaceable, rechargeable separate High Drain Batteries. Usually has HV potential

Modder – A term describing one who uses a Mod type of E Cig

Mouth Piece – The Piece that fits on the Cartomizer or Atomizer of an E Cig Tank. AKA Drip Tip

MNKE-IMR – A type of Lithium Rechargeable Battery for Mod E Cigs

MV – An Acronym for Muti-Voltage.  An MV Mod or E Cig is usually two or three fixed settings, eg.. 3.7V and 5.0V

NCR18650PD – A type of Mod E Cig Lithium-Ion replaceable Battery

Nic – Abbreviation for Nicotine. Nicotine is generally in most E Liquids in a percentage or mg / 100ml ratio. No Nicotine E Liquid is also sold

Nichrome – one of two types of metal for Resistance Wire, Kanthal being the other

Nic Level – The Amount of Nicotine in an E Liquid

Nic Juice – A term for E Liquid

NiMH – Acronym for Nickel Metal Hydride; a Type of Mod E Cig Battery

No-Resistance Wire – For DIY’ers who use RBAs.  The Wire is generally Nickel or Silver

NPG – Acronym for No Propylene Glycol for E Liquid. AKA 100% VG for the E Liquid ratio

NRT – Acronym for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.  Hence… E Cigs, E Liquid and Vaping

NVC – Acronym for National Vapers Club.  Connoisseurs for E Liquid and E Cigs

OHM – The unit of measurement for resistance of an Atomizer or Coil

O-Ring – Rubber sealant used in many sizes for E Cig Tanks

PCC – Acronym for Personal Charging case. A portable device for pre-charging, then bringing it with to re-charge the E Cig while out and about

PEG – Acronym for Polyethylene Glycol, occasionally found in E Liquid

PEG 400 – Acronym for Polyethylene Glycol 400.  Sometimes an active E Liquid Base ingredient

PG – Acronym for Propylene Glycol. A Base ingredient in E Liquid

PGA – Acronym for Pure Grain Alcohol. PGA is often in E Liquid

Polyfill – The standard Filler material in most consumer E Cigs, Attys or Cartos

Power – Essentially the total output of your activated E Cig, AKA Watts

Priming – The process of Soaking the filler of an Atty or Carto with E Liquid before attatching to an E Cig Tank

Protected Batteries – These are Batteries for Mod Style APV E Cigs with a circuit board within, allowing them to prevent current from running too high or overheating

PT – Acronym for Pass-through. A Pass-through E Cig allows it to be Vaped whilst charging, usually with a USB to mini USB

PTB – Acronym for Pyramid Tea Bag; Another type of Carto or Atty Filler

PV – Acronym for Personal Vaporizer. Basically any E Cig, but usually a term for larger E Cigs above a 300 mAH Battery

PWM – Acronym for Pulse Width Modulation. Reffering to Variable Voltage E Cigs

RBA – Acronym for Rebuild-able Atomizer

Resistance – Measured in Ohms, resistance is what restricts Voltage current to the Atty or Cartomizer Coil

Resistance Wire – A Coil is made of Resistance Wire; Kanthal and / or Nichrome

RTV – Acronym for Right to Vape. E Cig and E Liquid lobbyists and supporters use the term

SR – Acronym for Standard Resistance. E Cigs with an SR Carto or Atty are typically 2.7 to 3.3 ohms. See link _________

Stacking – When a Vaper uses two batteries in a Mod or other type of E Cig requiring separate Batteries.  For stacking, one ought heed caution and only use two protected batteries of the exact same model and type.  Also Vent Holes in the E Cig must be present IF STACKING AT ALL

Starter Kit – A package of one E Cig, a Clearomizer or other E Cig Tank, and a charger for the type of E Cig.  Sometimes a sample E Liquid is supplied

Steeping – The Process of aging E Liquid in a cool dark place. The cap of the E Liquid bottle is removed along with the spout, and E Liquid is re-capped every day and shaken. Some E Liquid may require steeping for up to 3 weeks to reach full fruition of flavor

Stick-Style – An analogue looking E Cig. Stick Style E Cigs are about the same size

Stuffing – Another term for a Filler

Tank – The sealed tube that attaches atop an E Cig for holding E Liquid

TH – Acronym for Throat Hit. The Experience of the “Kick” or “Sting” from Vaping E Liquid. E Cig voltage proportional to Coil’s OHM resistance will affect TH

THR – Acronym for Tobacco Harm Reduction.  A term for E Cig advocates

UFS – Acronym for Uninterrupted Feed System

ULRA – Acronym for Ultra Low Resistance Atomizer

Vape – The slang for using E Cigs with E Liquid

Vaper – Term for one who uses E Cigs and E Liquid

Vapeology – The Terms for E Cig, Vape and E Liquid lingo

Vapor – The visible form of E Liquid after Pulling or Drawing on an E Cig

Vaporer – Term for one uses E Cigs and E Liquid

Vent Holes – Tiny perforations at the bottom of an E Cig, for releasing gasses

VHR – Acronym for Very High Resistance

VHV – Acronym for Very High Voltage.  E Cigs at over 6.0V may be considered VHV

VG – Acronym for Vegetable Glycerine. An active Base ingredient in E Liquid. Responsible for Vapor Production

Voltage – The Volts are the flow of current from the E Cig Battery to the Atty / Carto / Coil

VTF – Acronym for Vapor, Throat Hit, Flavor

VV – Acronym for Variable Voltage. A VV E Cig will have at least one button or dial to tune the voltage setting of the E Cig. one may discover different E Liquids at different Volts

VW – Acronym for Variable Wattage. Newer Mod E Cigs are VW. Once setting the Watts, the E Cig device will automatically read the Atty or Carto Coil Resistance and set the Voltage accordingly. Remember: Watts = Voltage squared divided by Resistance. See Link_______

Watts – Watts = Voltage squared divided by Resistance; Total Power

Wick – Instead of a typical Atty or Carto Filler, literal wick like ropes run from the bottom of the Clearo or E Cig Tank to the Coil.  E Liquid is absorbed into the wicks, transferred to the Coil

Wicking – The process of E Liquid transferring from the Filler to the Coil

Wadding – Another Term for a Filler.  Used to aid in E Liquid heating and absorption.

Have a delightful “CRAZY VAPES” experience!

-Geno Spaghetti

Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance

Variable Voltage, Variable Wattage and Resistance

Vaping at the right settings!Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance

Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance: Vapor Clouds and Ecstasy!

Oi Bloggers! In this post we will discuss Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance. Before came into fruition, I frequented various electronic cigarette retail stores. Having observed several transactions when standing in the checkout line, I often noticed a missing element of critical communication between the clerk and the patron. They were frequently failing to relay the instrumental information between variable voltage vaping and the proper resistances. That is why having a thorough understanding of Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance is so important.

During a recent account of this situation, a customer was inquiring as to why his “e liquid felt too harsh.” I overheard the clerk’s first question: “well, what’s your nic level?” Although it was 24mg, the few minutes of this conversation revealed nothing of an attempt on the clerk’s behalf to discover what the resistance was of the coil head within his CE-6 clearomizer. The customer left uninformed, and I… Appalled. This was not the only time either. I’d venture to even say that most vendors selling ecig products conduct their sales without ever educating their consumers about Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance:. So allow me.

Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance: What does it mean?

A variable voltage e cig or mod should be set relatively proportional to the resistance (ohm) of the connected cartomizer, atomizer or coil. LR (Low Resistance) cartomizers roughly range from 1.5 ohms to 2.2 ohms. For ohms of 1.5 to 2.2, one should vape at no higher than 3.7 volts. Slightly higher resistances allow for a little leeway of voltage. LR cartos may be vaped at a slightly higher voltage than 3.7V, yet raising the volts any higher for this resistance range poses a risk to it’s coil. This may lead to a burn-out, causing the e juice to overheat or over burn. It may also lead to a full coil blow-out, rendering the cartomizer useless. Otherwise, it may create a burnt or unpleasant flavor.  Or, it may suit your liking. Either way, one ought heed caution when vaping at low resistance.

If LR vaping is not your cup of e juice, perhaps a standard resistance may be. SR cartos or coil heads generally run between 2.8 ohm to 3.2 ohm general range, although I’ve seen them marketed and sold as low as 2.4 resistance. Voltage for these can be cranked up to 5.0V, although i’d recommend closer to 2.8 to 3.2 ohms for higher than a 4.8 Voltage. At these settings, you’ll likely notice a harder throat hit and more vapor. I currently use 4.8 volts on a 2.8 ohm cartomizer with a pyrex glass tank on the end of a Joyetech Ego c-twist from WWW.CRAZYVAPES.COM… Get one today:D  I find the strength, nic intake and flavor very fulfilling with this setup, yet I sometimes prefer High Voltage Vaping. This is where High Voltage Cartomizers come into the fold.

HV Cartos range from 3.5 ohm to 5.2 ohm. If one is using a 6.0 Voltage Mod cranked to the max, use at least a 3.5 ohm cartomizer, although I recommend 4.5 ohm for optimal enjoyment. Anything above 6.0 volts such as 7.4 volts (Eh hem… Uh, I do not, for the record, suggest stacking batteries. There, I said it), use the highest ohm possible… 5.2 ohm. A general rule of thumb: The higher the volt, the higher the ohm proportionally. This will ensure a wattage output to your liking. leading to the next subject.

Variable Wattage Mods, if set to VW mode, will detect the resistance of the attached coil and set your voltage accordingly. Wattage = Voltage squared divided by resistance (ohm). So a 4.5 ohm carto set at 6 volts wields a power output of 8 watts. Think of variable wattage as the power produced based upon it’s coil’s resistance. Wattage is the result of the two.

Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance: The Science behind it.

Now, while wattage IS pure physics and an exact exact science, the terms of resistance may not be.  Think about the term LOW resistance: “Low” is an adjective to describe a subjective perspective.  A 3 foot table may be very low to Manute Bol (One of two of the tallest basketball players in history, standing 7’7), But not so much to a dwarf. So in reality, LR, SR and HV are simply terms of opinion, although most manufacturers market their cartomizers with the latter of the ranges I have explained. In regards to variable voltage variable wattage resistance etc… one may even deem this entire topic as subjective.  In the end, it all boils down to personal preferences.

Well, that about wraps it up folks. I hope you have a better understanding of Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Resistance. VAPE ON and we will see you on our next post!

Have a delightful “CRAZY VAPES” experience!Crazy Vapes Stamp

-Geno Spaghetti



E Liquid: How to use e liquid & Introduction to Steeping

How to Use an E Liquid: Introduction to Steeping

Ahoy Vapor Enthusiasts! Crazy Vapes E Liquid Help is here.

E Liquid help is on the way. As a true vapor connoisseur, an unfolding epiphany has arisen over the chaptered months of my experience: VAPING IS AN ARTFORM!

e liquidThink about this concept. Every e liquid vapes differently according to its PG / VG ratio; to variable voltage or variable wattage; to ohm resistance in the atomizer, cartomizer or coil head; Personal preference; and even to steeping methods. You may often find yourself wondering why two of the exact same flavor of e liquids (with the same base-mix ratio) taste slightly different. This can happen even if they’re both from the same manufacturer. So why I am telling you this anyway? Because here at Crazy Vapes, we pride ourselves in delivering accurate information for your vaping experience. There are many factors in the proverbial mix, and steeping is definitely one of them.

E Liquid Steeping: Why is this important?

Steeping is simply the process of allowing an e liquid to enhance, oxidize, mix and settle for a fuller flavor. This requires storing an entirely open bottle (with the cap and tip removed) in a secluded room temperature setting from a few days to a few weeks. Your buddy may have lent you a familiar e liquid that had been steeped, yet failed to mention it.  So unbeknownst to you, his was steeped and yours wasn’t, and they were the exact same make.  Therefore rendering a complete difference in taste. However, not every e liquid will need this. Some E Liquids will not need steeping at all. Some companies will “speed steep” your batch before shipping. This is a process involving immersion of the bottle into heated water in a sealed, air-locked bag for a few minutes. Some manufacturers will simply ship as-is.  Depending if your online order has shipped in 2 days or several days, it may result in an entirely different flavor altogether. Climate and time play into the factor significantly. Yet steeping may also depend on personal preference, as preferences lie in the eyes of the beholder.

An e liquid flavor varies from one person to the next. The same flavor may ascend one’s tongue into the pearly gates of taste-heaven, while someone else may scour from pure contempt. Similarly, a country music lover may never grasp why some random teenager is hell bent on indie-rock, while that same teenager can’t figure out why this shit-kicking redneck cannot stop having an ear-gasm over that cat-strangling noise. We are very similar as people, yet very distinguished as well; very much so in our senses. Think of e liquid creation in comparison to cooking an Italian dish. Seven different chef’s will most likely cook a lasagna a myriad of different ways, or they may prepare them with very little difference at all. It all stems from each chef’s preference.

Preference within our senses are heavily based upon one’s perception, varying from one person to the next. It’s all relatively subjective. Vaping is not an exact science or math. While vaping is indeed an art form, consider some people’s perceptions to science and math. Some consider the subject of chemistry so beautiful, they consider it an art, and both math and science will always remain in any art.

-Geno Spaghetti



The Deadly Crusade Against E-cigarettes

By Gilbert Ross, M.D. Thursday, November 15, 2012

e-cigWhat the critics see as a bug is actually a feature: e-cigarettes can work as a public health tool precisely because of their resemblance to the real thing.It’s among the most important public health problems in the world — preventing the devastation wreaked by smoking. Experts predict the global death toll of cigarettes will approach 1 billion lives lost this century. But misguided or agenda-driven public health officials worldwide are condemning one hope for slowing this catastrophe — electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigarettes,” and certain low-risk tobacco products that have the potential to reduce the risk caused by smoking.

Public health officials are gathered at a conclave in Seoul, South Korea, for the revision of an international tobacco treaty, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). They’ll be taking up e-cigarettes and perhaps even calling for a ban.

The logic employed by these critics is that since e-cigarettes look like actual cigarettes, they must be curbed as well.

But what the critics see as a bug is actually a feature: e-cigarettes can work as a public health tool precisely because of their resemblance to the real thing.

E-cigarettes work by giving addicted smokers the nicotine they crave, without the toxic smoke. They supply a variable amount of nicotine in a watery vapor and produce a red glow at the tip when puffed upon.

That similarity — especially the nicotine, the addictive substance smokers crave — is what is best about e-cigarettes. The nicotine “hit” they supply matches, more or less, that of inhaling cigarette smoke, as do the behavioral mannerisms of holding the thing as though it was their familiar “friend,” the conventional cigarette.

Among the 46 million smokers in the United States, well over half say they want to quit, and more than one-third attempt to do so each year — but less than one-tenth succeed.

But that’s where the similarity ends. There are no products of combustion to be inhaled hundreds of times a day, and hence no tobacco toxins.

E-cigarette users — they call themselves “vapers” — get the satisfying drug but none of the tarry smoke. That’s why many smokers who switch to e-cigarettes succeed in staying smoke-free.

An important fact, rarely discussed by “public health” gurus, is that the patches, gums, and drugs they recommend as “safe and effective” are all-too-often neither. Among the 46 million smokers in the United States, well over half say they want to quit, and more than one-third attempt to do so each year — but less than one-tenth succeed.

Despite those sorry statistics, those in charge at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization, and the European Union health commission argue for sticking with currently approved cessation methods.

Lethally addictive cigarettes remain available on every street corner in Brussels and Atlanta while authorities denounce e-cigarettes (the product is already banned in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). And while, as of today, e-cigarettes remain available in the European Union, a new Tobacco Products Directive is expected this year to call for a ban on e-cigarettes (while tightening the existing proscription on the nearly harmless type of Swedish smokeless, snus). Such measures would leave addicted smokers with few reliable means of quitting.

Prohibiting the safest form of nicotine delivery will increase, not stem, cigarette-related deaths. Truly informing smokers about reduced-risk nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, and increasing access to these products is a good way to save millions of lives.

Dr. Gilbert Ross, M.D. is executive and medical director of the American Council on Science and Health.

FURTHER READING: Ross also writes “An Empty Nod to Tort Reform,” “Better Living Through Chemistry (If Permitted),” and “Two Cheers for the FDA.” Scott Gottlieb discusses “Bam’s Cigar Trouble” and “How the FDA Could Cost You Your Life.” Jon Entine contributes “The Politics of Obesity: Here Comes the NGO-Media-Class Action Bar Complex.”

Image by Darren Wamboldt / Bergman Group

Chinese suppliers ship e-cigarettes to US as holiday season nears

This comes at a time when executives of various electronic cigarettes’ companies are acknowledging the fact that more people than ever before are going to avail these vapor-emitting tobacco pipe-lookalikes as their holiday gifts.

This claim is no surprise seeing that the companies have been trying hard to meet popular demands, with the best example being the introduction of disposable electronic cigarettes, mid-this year, to help customers feel like they are using the real pipe.

In the wake of this Chinese entry into the US market, there have been a number of research findings from both sides of the Atlantic that are showing the good and the bad of e-cigars. One of these is a Greco-Harvard investigation which earlier cited that the devices may constrict the nasal ways. But the overwhelming majority of findings show that the devices can, indeed, sharpen memory and help to overcome smoking.

The makers of e-cigarettes are also saying that their brands are now more conformant than ever to the global awareness campaign dubbed NST, which aims to find lasting substitutes to smoking. The Chinese manufacturer went on to assert that the generic device and not just their brand, is the single most important tool among the horde of substitutes that have come so far in the therapeutic industry.

There is also the interesting fact that as the makers try to extinguish the flame of normal filters off the face of the planet, they are craving to make their devices imitate tobacco to the inch save for the nicotine. According to analysts, this trend emanates from a feeling that only as imitative a campaign as possible can help eradicate smoking, once and for all.

The entry of the oriental makers of electronic cigarettes into the US will be a sign that costs of the pleasure devices will drop, the quality may improve and the warranties may even extend.


NO Smoke No Odor

I figured tonight (Actually 4 in the morning) I would enlighten your thoughts with some of mine, and my first Vaping experience.  So grab your VAPE, put on your PJ’s and gather round; It’s STORY TIME!

As you bloggers may know, I was a heavy smoker.  This is how it all began: I smoked my first cigarette at the age of eleven, and essentially hooked from the very first drag.  I don’t claim to have been a regular smoker till age 19, but this day implanted the cigarette appeal initially.  I would sneak cigs from my Dad’s girlfriend’s purse, swipe packs from bar counters, sneak purchases from vending machines (Yes I was born in the 80’s), or just plain steal carton’s from the circle k’s back cage.  Yeah, I was a punk.  My friends and I would smoke them in the Austin Hillcountry’s woods, or at school.  Within the first 6 weeks of 6th grade, we got caught on campus grounds.  BUSTED! (Deep shit with the Pops)

I smoked off and on till the age of 19 and went full-time smoker; half a pack every day without fail for the next 8 years.  It wasn’t till I was living in New York, that I witnessed for the first time an electronic cigarette in 2009.  I wish I had embraced the e-cig back then as I estimate wasting seven THOUSAND dollars on tobacco since.  And it was this year in Salt Lake City that I switched over, and began appreciating flavored nicotine vapor.

I decided to purchase my first 900 mAh Ego Passthrough Battery, a CE4 clearomizer, and two juices: Irish Cream and Robust Tobacco Flavor for just under 45 bucks.   I can remember the day, fresh as the falling snow outside my frosty window.  Much Like a retiree reminiscing over a childhood memory as he sips hot chocolate in front of a cozy fire.  I was standing outside a Wasatch Pizzeria, puffing on a smooth Irish Cream Flavour.  The first puff was astonishing… WOW!  And after a few more, a feeling of relief overcame me as I began to satisfy that nic craving.  After about the 10th puff, I felt a complete satisfaction equating to that of a full cigarette. However, I still had half a pack of smokes in my right pocket.

From that day on, I was smoking only about 2-5 cigs a day down from a full pack daily.  The following few weeks I slipped here and again until one day I thought to myself, “If I can only grab that Ego C-Twist first thing in the morning to bi-pass the first craving of the day (The strongest) and reach for that instead of a pack, I may have this thing licked.  So I did, and here I sit today; over one full month SMOKE-FREE.  In fact, it was around the same time that Michael and I fathomed the Site Name … and viola! CRAZY VAPES is here today.
Crazy Vapes Stamp-Geno Spaghetti

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Nov, 10th 2012


New findings show e-Cigarettes can sharpen memory, when quitting tobacco!

Posted by Harris Newman Featured Health Thursday, November 8th, 2012

New findings of ECigarettesThe latest findings in the niche of pleasures show that electronic cigarettes may be contributing to the retention of facts in one’s mind for they can drastically boost the ability to retain details in a thought sequence.

The study, which took place at a leading university in the capital of the United Kingdom, revealed that not only do e-cigarettes boost the memory of an individual but they whet the senses to quit the habit of smoking for at least half a year.

According to news on the findings (, there were eighty-five respondents who participated in an experiment to show the correlation between memory and inhaling vaporized flavors. Those who inhaled a vaporized solution with some nicotine flavor underwent further experiments to gauge their emotions, smoke obsession desires and memory functions. The tests led to the deduction that not only did the users of electronic cigarettes reveal less passion for tobacco but they did have a sharpened mind.

This news is parallel to another inquiry by a university in Massachusetts that revealed that electronic cigarettes do as good as the rest of the devices and treatment cycles that are aimed at arresting the obsession with smoking.

The team that conducted the latter study cited the imitative nature of electronic cigarettes as the major contributing factor to quitting the harmful habit.

The researchers said that there is strong evidence that electronic cigarettes are now emancipating a great number of people who used to smoke earlier and hailed the brands as great tools for stopping the problem.

There are now multiple makers of e-cigarettes, each having its own flavors and different ingredients, other than nicotine, to help in what they say is a battle against tobacco.

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